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Let me introduce myself!

1st Choice (Small)My name is Orlando Pino.  I am a REALTOR (DRE #01971608) in the Orange and Riverside county areas, but I can help you buy or sell a home anywhere in Southern California.

Whether you are looking for the safest neighborhood, the best school district, simplifying your life, or for more space after a new addition to the household, I am the one to call.

I take pride in being everyone’s greatest advocate in navigating the home buying and selling process.

I will work hard to ensure your real estate buying or selling experience is as easy, comfortable, and profitable as I can possibly make it. Your satisfaction is my ONLY goal and I pledge to exceed your expectations.


Frequently Asked Questions

The purchase or sale of a home will generate many questions.  My job, as your agent is to answer all of them quickly and accurately.  This may sometimes require me to do a little research for a proper answer but answer them I will.  Here are some that come up frequently.

By Home Buyers

KeysHow long does the buying process take? This depends mostly on how prepared you are as a buyer.  Getting a loan pre-approval is a crucial first step.

How many homes do buyers see before making an offer? This depends on your needs and the market.  Having a clear idea helps us find you the right home.

How much should I offer? Once we find the right home, I will prepare a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) which we will use to arrive at an attractive offer price.

How much deposit do I need to get my offer accepted? The higher the deposit, the stronger the offer appears.  I suggest from $1,000 to up to 3% of the offer amount.

By Home Sellers

For Sale SignHow do we price our home? Once you decide to sell your home, I will prepare a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) which we will use to arrive at an appropriate list price.

Do I have to accept a low offer? A seller is never obligated to accept any offer.  A seller can always make a counteroffer.

How long does it take to sell a home? This depends primarily on the market and how we price your home.  Pricing it properly is the most crucial for a fast sale.

Will I have to make repairs? Normally buyers will ask sellers to pay for termite repairs. They may also ask for some repairs based on their home inspection. The seller is not obligated to make these repairs but could lose a buyer if they don’t.

How long does escrow take? As with any other aspect of the transaction, this varies.  Buyers normally ask for 30-60 days.

About Financing

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How important is a mortgage pre-approval? It is crucial.  The main reason is it will determine the price range we should be shopping in.  It also ensures that we’re ready to make an offer as soon as we find the right home.

How important is a good credit score? While your debt to income ratio (DTI) will determine how much payment you can afford, your credit score will determine your interest rate, loan costs, and credit worthiness.  Many lenders have loan programs available for a wide range of scores.

Things Likely to Happen in Real Estate

  • The dates on your contract may change several times
  • We will negotiate 2-5 times during the transaction for any number of reasons
  • The property may not appraise at the original contract price
  • You will become anxious and nervous
  • You will become annoyed at frequent and last-minute paperwork requests
  • Buyers won’t know an exact amount needed to close until a few days before the close
  • Agents will miss showing appointments without calling
  • Some showings will last 5 minutes, and others may last 3 hours
  • Agents will knock on your door asking to let them show your house without making an appointment (call me immediately and have them call me as well)

My job is to help relieve your stress and deal with these and any other issues that may arise.  I will have your back!

Suggestions for buyers

Keep your expectations reasonable and let me know what they are so I can get to work finding the right home for you.

There is no perfect home. If you find a home that has 80% of your needs, 10% that you can change, and 10% you can live with, it’s a keeper.

Don’t sleep ON it! In a hot market, you may not sleep IN it.

Don’t go window shopping without letting me know, even new homes.

Suggestions for sellers

Allow me to schedule showings and provide access.

Plan to vacate the premises during scheduled showings.

Always keep your home clean, tidy, and ready to show.

Be realistic on pricing your home and take my expertise into consideration when pricing your home.

Remember that your goal is to sell your home and it may require sacrifices to allow for showings.

Finding an agent that’s right for you

The most important criteria to finding the right agent for YOU is to find an agent with whom you feel comfortable discussing your real estate transaction and who will focus on YOUR needs.

The right agent will also communicate every step of the way by whatever means you feel most comfortable with (phone, text, e-mail, etc.) and explain every nuance of your transaction.

Friendly, Knowledgeable, Caring

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We, at RE/MAX Partners, have an obligation to hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards in our industry. Our ONLY goal is to protect the interests of our clients.

While any licensed real estate agent can help you buy or sell a home, not all agents will have your best interest in mind.  I take pride in putting my clients ahead of any other aspect of the real estate transaction.

My goal is to ensure that you can sleep knowing that your real estate transaction is in the hands of someone who will put his clients first no matter the time of day or physical location (I once helped clients while vacationing in Europe and once while traveling on a cruise).  I will lose sleep, so you don’t have to!

Other agents CLAIM to be the best, I DELIVER!  My primary goal is your peace of mind.

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